Frustrated by Social Media?

Would you like to maintain a proper online presence, and still have a life?

Tired of being at the end of the chain?

Would you like to be a node?

What you need…
Is an #SPG.

What is an #SPG?

#SPGs replace and augment the burdensome task of maintaining an online presence, corporate or personal.

An #SPG allows anything you post, on any platform, to be spread to any and all your other social platforms.

And, while you are busy having genuine real-life experiences, your #SPG will automatically select appropriate material that reflects your opinions and tastes, and continue to post to your online community in your absence.

It can modify these posts, adding images, #hashtags etc – it will even add an appropriate opinion if you like.

Each and every #SPG is personally tailored to the individual needs of its owner.

And that can be you.

Want to engage with and increase your following?
#SPG can do that.

Want your blog to continue without you while you’re away on holiday?
#SPG can do that too.

Want to launch your latest product simultaneously across the world’s online media?
Of course #SPG can do that.

Whatever you do, let your #SPG take the strain.

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