Espeegee One

    This first online personality generator was created mid 2015 to test and demonstrate the basic principles of the #SPG.
    Posts associated with this #SPG carry the original #SPG #hashtag.
    The platforms chosen were:

    [please click here for more information about individual platforms]

    A basic theme was employed on each platform that provided the option.

    The aim of the exercise was to :

    1.      Post any content to any of a number of different social platforms directly, with these posts then being redistributed to all other participating platforms.
    2.      The system would receive and re-distribute the contents of selected .rss feeds, and so continue to post without any direct influence from its owner.
    3.      Provide an option for the #SPG’s owner to inject posts [as links] directly into the system via email.
    4.      A personality or “flavour” could be applied to certain posts, if so required.

    This #SPG was originally set on general proliferation, so all posts were distributed to all platforms, without restriction. As the platform developed, this #SPG has since evolved to target specific posts and subjects to specific platforms.

    The frequency of posts can vary from anywhere between 1 and 15 per day. In this case, the tempo is determined by the number of posts coming into the system from the selected .rss feeds.

    This #SPG adds the occasional positive comment to posts, and posts comments and other text as images, using a bank of bespoke image backgrounds:

    The content of this #SPG is fairly “geeky”, focussing on, amongst other things, robotics, artificial intelligence and animated .gifs.

    Update – January 2015: espeegeeone’s role remains primarily as a test-bed for validating new .rss feeds and #SPG platforms before they are fully released.

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