Here There Everywhere

    Created in late 2015, #HTE is one of the first fully-realised #SPGs.
    Posts associated with this social personality generator carry the #HTE hashtag.
    Like its predecessor, #HTE is set on general proliferation, with all posts going to all platforms.

    The number of posts rarely rises above 10 per day, the tempo being determined by the frequency of posts entering the machine from the processed .rss feeds.

    The tumblr theme was selected by the owner and then modified to accommodate all aspects of #HTE’s output.

    #HTE content concentrates primarily on the latest concepts and developments in design and technology.

    As with ESPEEGEEONE, #HTE adds the occasional positive comment to posts, and posts comments as images, randomly selected from a bank of bespoke image backgrounds:

    9.1.16: Original nowgoto tumblr account [the original tumblr theme for #HTE] disconnected and deleted without warning.

    The most likely cause of this disconnection is the possibility of copyright infringement, but as tumblr has yet to respond to requests for a reason, the precise cause remains unknown. Unfortunately, tumblr appears to have no right of appeal under such circumstances, so a new account [n0wg0t0] was set up as a replacement.