The Project



    Initial investigations into creating Social Personality Generators [#SPGs] began in late 2014, as an off-shoot to a project designed to increase the internet presence of a radio station.

    The station had an online feed which carried within it basic information of the current track being played [performing artist and track title]. By combining youtube’s .API with an IFTTT [If This Then That] recipe and a nifty bit of code, the station could read the feed and automatically tweet youtube videos of the current track it was playing, including a #hashtag of the artist’s name, a URL linking back to the station, and one of a selection of random comments to complement the track itself.

    This proved to be quite effective at generating traffic, retweets and followers.

    Other than generating these tweets, the #SPG itself did not engage in any other way with its audience.


    This led to the idea of combining a wider range of inputs into a system which would process a wealth of incoming data and, depending on content and source, modify and redistribute it to designated social media platform[s], adding signatures, images, #hashtags and suitable comments as required.

    By selecting appropriate inputs, the output of an #SPG can be trained to follow any combination of specific interests, or focus on a single topic, plus it is able to “mimic” various personality types – eg optimistic, incredulous etc, as expressed in the comments attached to posts.

    The main sources of input into an #SPG are carefully selected and highly modified .rss feeds. In addition, an #SPG’s owner can input any other material [via URLs] into the system, where it is similarly processed. The #SPG also monitors its owner’s various social media platforms, so that anything posted on one platform can be automatically reposted elsewhere if so required.

    In essence, the #SPG is an online combined reader and writer, with a variety of highly sophisticated “twists”, completely integrated into any number of social platforms.


    At the heart of the #SPG is the basic premise of creating a viable and reliable stream of social content which engages with its audience while avoiding the typical appearance and pitfalls of automated product.

    The #SPG’s potential for alleviating the burden of maintaining a continuing and up-to-date online presence has not escaped our notice.


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