Trump Bait

    Created in early January 2016.

    Unlike its predecessors, Trump Bait is a simple #SPG focussing on a single specific topic – breaking news relating to D. Trump’s run for Republican candidate in the 2016 US presidential elections.

    This #SPG posts to only one platform:

    As there is just a single outlet for this #SPG, an identifying #hashtag is not required.

    The format of individual tweets can either be as links or as images, depending primarily on the content of the post, but a slight bias towards posting images has been implemented.

    The frequency of posts is fairly high for this #SPG, on account of the high volume of material that this particular subject matter is currently generating online.

    There is a negative bias to the nature of the content posted, with additional #hashtags being added to tweets where there is available space, showing support for opposing parties.

    Occasional amendments are made to the header image of the twitter account.

    Trumpbait does not currently engage in any other way with its audience.