User Interface

    Developed in May 2016, the user interface greatly enhances the scope of any #SPG.

    The primary role of the interface is to allow any #SPG owner to dynamically shape the output of their #SPG, bypassing any further necessity to rewrite the basic code to fit their needs.

    The functionality of this interface can be broken into three sections:

    1. Twitter Content

      The interface allows an #SPG’s owner to modify the hashtags, comments and signatures of their tweets.

    2. RSS Behaviour

      The interface allows three levels of control for each social media platform integrated into their #SPG. Posts can be allowed / forbidden for each platform, depending on the following:

      The first level of control relates directly to the name of the original rss feed entering into the #SPG’s system. This allows considerable influence over the overall look of your different social platforms. For example, all rss feeds relating to a particular subject can be accumulated into a single named feed, and the output of that feed can be directed to a single platform.

      The second level of control relates to the original source URL of the post – thereby allowing control over every potential publisher to your #SPG. For example, if one particular publisher always provides content that fails to be correctly formatted on the WordPress platform, that publisher’s content can be blocked from posting on WordPress.

      The final level of control involves the targeting specific content of any post by keywords. Thus, for example, any posts containing the word “cubism” can be posted to Facebook and Pinterest, but not to Twitter.

      The possibilities are endless.

      NB: As well as having simple on/off options within these three levels of control or rss behaviour, the user can also control what proportion of their content on Twitter is shown either as text or as images.

    3. Personal Input

      The final layer of control offered by the interface relates directly to an #SPG’s owner’s own input into their different social media platforms. The system can be controlled so that, for example, anything you “like” on pinterest is only posted to twitter and your tumblr account, while anything you post on tumbr is posted to blogger and twitter, but no where else.

    The following #SPG’s are currently being managed by the interface.

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  • Trump Bait
  • Algernon Mountweazel